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About RapidPrototyping

RapidPrototyping.NL has been active in rapid prototyping since 1998. By now we can call ourselves the most universal rapid prototyper of the Netherlands. We are able to provide you with 5 different techniques in prototyping. Affordable, reliable and above all, ‘rapid’. 

In addition, if required we can provide a production solution in the form of plastic injection moulding at our parent company JB Ventures BV in Nijverdal. 

3D printing Netherlands

In addition to 3D printing, we are also very skilled with other 3D prototyping techniques including vacuum casting from silicone moulds, 3D CNC milling and 3D scanning. 

RapidPrototyping.NL is an independent branch within JB Ventures BV in Nijverdal. JB Ventures BV carries out projects ‘from idea to finished product’. JB Ventures BV is your One-Stop-Shop for product realisation ‘in plastic’.