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Digital Manufacturing

Our SLS technique is ideally suited for Digital Manufacturing, also known as E-Manufacturing or Rapid Manufacturing, by applying functional nylon material and a large degree of freedom in the design of your product. 

Layer-wise construction offers complete design freedom and function integration

With the increase in speed of construction and use of common materials we can print 3D models that conventionally were difficult or impossible to make. The freedom of form that layered construction of components offers means that functions can be integrated and complexity of the product is as good as unlimited. You no longer need to design from manufacturability but only from function meaning that complexity of a component has little impact on price. 

From single pieces to series of 2500 pieces per year

In practice, depending on the size, complexity and annual requirement, complex components are realised in series of 2500 pieces per year. In addition, custom-made single pieces or application specific components for ergonomic, medical or technical applications. 

Do you have a specific question about your series or 3D model? Then please contact our Rapid Manufacturing specialists.