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Stereolithography (SLA-SMS) for 3D printing

SLA is a technique mostly used for the creation of master models for the manufacture of silicone moulds because of its precision and product surface. 

However, RapidPrototyping.NL applies this technique with the material GPplus from DSM Somos whereby in addition to an accurate model and good product surface, ABS plastic-like properties may likewise be attained within the same model or functionality! 

How does an SLA machine operate?

The operation of an SLA machine is the exposure in layers of a liquid bath containing a UV-sensitive liquid. Using a UV-laser, the polymer is exposed layer-by-layer, with which the liquid cures where it is exposed to the UV-laser.  

Functional products

SLA products are functional and the material is certified for certain medical applications. Assignments are carried out on a machine from CMET on layer-thicknesses of 0.1 or less. Because of the batch-wise production, delivery time is approx. 5 days. 

A 3D model of your product also?

Want to know about the possibilities of 3D printing by means of SLA technology? Phone our prototyping specialists. We guarantee a fast quotation and a high quality prototype of your product idea.