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FDM as technology for 3D Printing

Fused Deposit Modelling (FDM) is an extrusion-based technology. By means of an X/Y-axis a fully molten 0.25 mm layer of plastic is put down onto a construction platform using a nozzle. As soon as a layer has been completely put down, the construction platform drops downwards in a Z direction and a new layer is issued on to the previously one on the basis of a 3D CAD file; in this way a prototype grows layer-by-layer on the construction plate. 

Constructing a prototype layer-by-layer

Full freedom in design is realized by a second material to be applied that is placed selectively under ‘overhanging' geometry in support of the model geometry (supports). Since this material sticks but does not adhere to the model material, it is easy to remove once the product is taken from the construction volume. We always supply you with a neatly finished product without traces of supports. 

RapidPrototyping.NL is the only service bureau in the Netherlands that produces polycarbonate prototypes. Normally speaking our delivery time is between 1 to 3 days after providing file and order. 

A 3D model of your product also?

Want to know about the possibilities of 3D printing by means of FDM technology? Phone our prototyping specialists. We guarantee a fast quotation and a high quality prototype of your product idea.