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ABS plastic for functional prototypes

ABS is a stable plastic. ABS is used extensively for housings and household equipment. For approaching ABS material properties, prototypes are mostly produced from polycarbonate using layer techniques, because this is experienced as similar to injection moulded ABS. In layer processing ABS itself has a limited layer adhesion and thus a significantly lower final strength. 

Large size ABS prototypes

For large size prototypes (crates, housings, vending machine fronts etc.) ABS material is processed by 3D CNC Milling from solid rod material. We do this in sizes up to 2000 mm with complete finishing and delivery in prescribed RAL colour and texture. Especially in large format, these components are surprisingly affordable! 

Your 3D model quickly in house

Want to know about the possibilities of 3D models from ABS? Phone our prototyping specialists. We guarantee a fast quotation and a high quality prototype of your product idea.