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ABS-like plastic for 3D printing

ABS is a stable plastic. ABS is used extensively for housings and household equipment. By using stereolithography (SLA), a 3D material can be processed that has ABS-like properties and a nice, smooth (layer-free product surface. 

High quality and surface – to be achieved in single pieces

Where a product needs to be made in single pieces but is too complex to mill or to process with other layering techniques, SLA is the designated method for realising a high quality and surface product. Products are suitable for finishing or for coating to RAL colours, soft touch or even for chroming, with little after-treatment. Because of these properties, this technique is also used at RapidPrototyping.NL, particularly for the creation of a so-called master model for the casting of a silicone mould. 

Your 3D model quickly in house

 Want to know about the possibilities of 3D models from ABS? Phone our prototyping specialists. There are many options possible for the realization of your product idea.