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Polyurethane (PU) for prototyping

We realise polyurethane (PU) products by casting the material under vacuum in a silicone mould (also known as Vacuum Casting). By selecting a specific PU material, material properties can be approached in the range of rubber-like to mechanically stable plastics. Or from TPEs and TPUs to hard plastics such as ABS, POM, Nylon or even glass-filled nylon. 

Your 3D MODEL in colour and finish with logo

Products from silicone moulds are visually hardly indistinguishable from finished products. Often a component is cast in the base colour cast (or transparent) and then finished by applying a coating of the RAL colour of choice. Finishes printed with icons, logos or EMC coating are no problem. Rubber-like materials are coloured in moulding material. 

Besides crystal clear (PMMA-like) transparent material, a material can also be selected on temperature properties or fire retardancy. In short, vacuum casting is a very flexible and cost effective solution for market introductions, small series of (final) products and housings for special machines. 

Why not launch your product in small series without investing in costly injection moulds?

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