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Nylon (PA12) for 3D Printing

Nylon is a stable plastic used for functional prototypes. Because it’s somewhat tougher and more flexible than PC, products are produced here that in practice would be produced from PA, PE/PP, POM of ABS. Does your prototype need to be spray painted? Then this material is the most suitable because it can be processed on fine layer thicknesses and it is post-processing friendly. The best results are achieved with a matt coating.

Impregnating with PU for extra rigidity

Because of the layered structural build-up of this material using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), products are functional but somewhat porous by nature. Nylon products can be impregnated with nano-composite whereby the product is sealed through-and-through in depth. 

Nylon prototype

Typical products produced from Nylon are technical products, packaging, (technical) scale models and functional (miniature) components. Owing to the nature of the sintering process, larger components may show some shrinkage deviations in relation to the 3D CAD original. 

Due to the good surface, mechanical and chemical qualities, Nylon is also used for Digital Manufacturing; the production of (complex) product series without investment in moulds and/or tools. 

Your 3D model quickly in house

Want to know about the possibilities of prototypes from Nylon? Phone our prototyping specialists. We guarantee a fast quotation and a high quality prototype of your product idea.