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3D CNC Milling as technology for 3D prototyping

By using modern CAD​/CAM systems with 3 or 5 axes processing, products from solid plastic may be realised cost effectively. High gloss, polished displays/lenses from PMMA can also be realised with this. This technique is especially interesting and cost effective for the realization of large components such as of central heating unit housings, bumpers and bicycle frames. 

Turnaround time for CNC milled prototypes: 1.5 weeks

Average turnaround time of (multiple) milled plastic prototype is 1.5 weeks, if necessary including finishing coat according to RAL order. 

Ideal for small series

Where no 'approximate' material may be used, but specifically prescribed materials such as Nylon, Teflon, or POM, CNC technology is a good way to realize simple or shape critical components in single pieces or small series. 

Medium sized series are also possible 

Owing to our background as tool maker and plastic injection moulder, the possibility also exists to realize small to medium sized series by means of injection moulding production from an aluminium tool or mother mould. 

Is your product machinable?

Want to know about the possibilities of 3D CNC milling? Phone our prototyping specialists. We mill products that, according to experts, cannot be milled!