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Rubber-like materials for 3D prototyping

A new development in materials for prototyping techniques is the introduction of rubber-like materials in order to simulate soft-touch, seals or rubber-like components. It possible to print these materials in the base form. The disadvantage is that printed components are not functional for what they are commonly used, such as sealing, dynamic or flexible applications. This is because printed rubber offers no resistance to creep and thereby is particularly notch sensitive. 

We can provide functional, rubber-like products in various hardnesses between 40 and 90 degrees shore A, coloured to RAL requirement. It is also possible to realize hard / soft compounds that are produced in series by means of 2K multi-component injection moulding or plastic co-extrusion for profiles. 

Vacuum casting

We realise these rubber-like prototypes by means of vacuum casting of a polyurethane rubber in a silicone mould. These types of moulds are extremely affordable and thus a functional alternative for printed rubber with limited possibilities. In addition, product copies in other hardnesses are easy to produce and for very little cost. We can cast silicone rubber products into milled ABS moulds. Currently only in 50 shore A hardness in natural colour.  

A 3D model of your product in rubber also?

Want to know about the possibilities of 3D models from rubber? Phone our prototyping specialists. We stand for correct advice and solution for your product idea.