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3D scanning

3D scanning is basically the reverse of 3D printing; instead of printing a digital model to something tangible, by scanning a physical product is digitized so that it is read into a 3D environment and can be used; also known as Reverse Engineering. 

Reverse Engineering

A 3D scan is a digital spatial point cloud of millions of points. These points may be used to duplicate a product by means of an STL file. Also is it possible to clean up the scan data and then write it out as a STEP or Parasolid file. This allows you carry out all the processing that you are used to doing in a 3D CAD environment on the geometry scanned in. 

Quality control

Another powerful application is quality control. By scanning in a product produced and projecting it across the 3D CAD model, deviations may be detected very simply that are difficult or impossible to measure with other measurement tools. 

Nowadays, as well as 3D printing, 3D scanning technology has become an affordable technique with surprisingly effective results. 

Method of working

You can send the component to be scanned to us. The scanning of larger components or objects on location also belongs to the possibilities. 

3D scan assignments are carried out in co-operation with our Partner Geopoints. Geopoints will maintain direct contact with you in your project. Geopoints has all the conditions to which a digitally scanned model must meet in order to print out the model again as a tangible product using 3D printing technology.

Mail your question or project, preferably with illustration and information, to rpnl@geopoints.nl. Your message will be answered as soon as possible.

Why us?

  • Most universal rapid prototyper of the Netherlands.
  • Proven competence in 3D prototyping, 3D printing and 3D scanning.
  • Five technologies in our portfolio: SLS – FDM – SLA - CNC milling – Vacuum casting.
  • You can calculate a price quote and order directly online.
  • We are affordable, reliable and above all, ‘rapid’.